Head Buzz Games, LLC is an independent gaming studio located in southern Maine. It was originally founded by Jason Bryant in 2003 as Flavorsoft, LLC.

Crazy Marble ™ was released for Windows February 2004. It was an entrant in the 2004 Independent Games Festival.   It was updated and re-released as Crazy Marble ™ Gold on September 15, 2005. It is now available as freeware and can be downloaded downloaded here (27 MB). It should run on most Windows systems that run Windows 98 or higher.

Crazy Marble 2 was released for Windows on January 31, 2007. The demo may be downloaded here (41.7 MB). The full version may be purchased here (204.4 MB).

Kitten Simulator ™ was released for iPhone / iPod Touch May 28, 2010. It is now available on the App Store.

email: buzz (at) headbuzzgames (dot) com

Nostalgic Stuff

Downloads of DarkBASIC stuff for nostalgic old timers: The Two Man Essentials World Editor version 1.07 may be downloaded here. The demo version of TME was available on the DarkBASIC demo CD. Two Man Essentials screenshots may be found here.